• STORAGE MANIAC Hanging Mesh Laundry Hamper, Door-Hanging Laundry Bag, Closet Organizer, 2-Pack, Gray

    SKU: STM1301000017

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EAN: 6923669785894

This new design laundry hamper will keep your clothing and the hamper off the floor, which is suitable for high-humidity condition. It can be hung on shower rod, doorknob, wall hook, etc. Two mesh sides on the front and the back for ventilation so you don't need to worry about mildew. The hard-paneled bottom and sides provides structure to hamper so that it can also stand upright when it is on the floor.

- Brand Name: StorageManiac
- SKU: STM1301000017
- Assembly Size: 10"" x 16.5"" x 31.5""
- Weight Capacity: 33 lbs 
- Package Size: 11.2"" x 1.9" x 17.9"
- Package Weight: 2.44 lbs
- Material: Mesh & Polyester Canvas

Cleaning and Maintenance: 
1. Do not leave the product in a humid environment
2. Product can be cleaned with damp cloth.

About us: 
StorageManiac is a professional provider of various high quality home storage products, such as shoe rack, laundry hamper, closet system, drying racks, storage bins and cabinets, wash bags, and so on. All the products can help you make best use of your space, keeping your home in tidy and in order! With innovative design and sophisticated styling, StorageManiac makes itself a welcome and useful addition to any home. StorageManiac will supply you with the means to a brighter and more efficient tomorrow.

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