• StorageManiac Deluxe Men's Shoe Box with See-through Lid, Stackable Shoe Storage Box for Closet Organization, Polyester Canvas

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Features a see-through lid, allowing contents to be easily identified

Great for organizing shoes and keeping them in good condition, Can also be used for store other items such as belts, scarves, socks, etc

Constructed of durable soft polyester canvas, will not scratch or scuff floors or walls
Folds flat when not in use, easy storage
When you stack multiple boxes, it's always easy to access any pair of shoes thanks to the drop-front opening

Strong durable shoe box protects your shoes while allowing you to finally organize your shoes the way you've always wanted. It keeps shoes safe from odors, insects, mildew and other detriments. Clear drop-front window allows for an easy view and easy access. Folds flat when not in use. Off-white color with brown trimming, looks and works great in bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices.



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