• StorageManiac Durable White Laundry Mesh Wash Bags for Delicates, Sweater and Lingerie (Large* 2, Medium * 2, Small * 2, Hosiery Wash Bag * 1) - Pack of 7

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Package included: 2 Lingerie Bags, 3 Sweater Bags, 1 bath towel Bag and 1 Hosiery Wash Bag
Zip closure keeps delicates securely in bag and protects your delicates in separated washing cycles
Breathable washable mesh fabric construction ensures a thorough cleaning and rinse
Durable and breathable material, healthy and clean

Protects a variety of delicates from machine washing damage


StorageManiac 7-Pack White Laundry Mesh Wash Bags STM1003000011: Keep your delicates looking like new with these mesh wash bags. This set is a 7pk of laundry mesh bags that allow you to separate your fine washables from other laundry. It helps prevent snagging, tearing and stretching during washing and drying. These laundry wash bags come with 2 lingerie bags, 3 sweater bags, 1 bath towel bag and 1 hosiery wash bag. The zipper closures are added feature to protect your most delicate laundry. Soft polyester mesh construction makes it ideal for use with the finest of material. These mesh wash bags allows you the freedom to wash your delicate clothing in the washing machine instead of having to do them all by hand, saving you time for other things.


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