• StorageManiac 2-Pack Extra Large Durable Women White Bra Wash Bag with 2 Compartments

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7.87W x 7.87D x 4.33H. Two compartments allow to wash two bras in one bage which can be more health

Protect your delicates from snags, tangles, and tears while machine washing and drying

Durable, mesh bag lets soap and water flow easily for optimal cleaning

Zip closure keeps delicates securely in bag

Lightweight and handy, easily carried along while traveling


7.87W x 7.87D x 4.33H inches

StorageManiac Hot Women White Dual Bra Wash Bag STM1003000007: StorageManiac dual bra wash bag removes the greatest danger to your undergarments in the wash tangles. The mesh fabric is of supreme quality that makes this bag highly durable. The two zippered compartments in this zippered laundry wash bag are divided by a fine mesh that prevents hooks and wires from snagging or breaking. Dimension has been improved so it allows to wash two bras in one bag without damaging them. The round structure of this delicate laundry wash bag helps the cups to maintain their shape while cleaning, thus extending the life of your undergarments. The bra wash bag lets you wash your delicate and stylish bras conveniently. This bag can be easily carried along while traveling because it is lightweight and handy.

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